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 FULL YEAR INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTDa professional manufacturer and supplier of Raschel knitting lace in Taiwan , was founded in 1979 and has devoted to the manufacture of rigid trimming lace stretch trimming lace lace fabric Helanca lace with superior quality and competitive price for 42 years . From traditional OEM to ODM, the company has greatly upgraded its R&D ability and gained the reputation in the garment market .With the experience of using nylon and polyester , we take one step ahead to create lace with innovate materials like viscose and bamboo charcoal yarn , which are widely applied to garment lingerie brassiere and other fashion accessories.


To reach the highest state of customer satisfaction not only customize new patterns ,but accept OEM/ODM orders. Looking ahead into futureFULL YEAR will be more aggressive in new product design and R&D to fulfill the diverse needs of customers around the world.




Services: Raschel Lace Trim,Jacquard Lace,Lace Fabric,Helanca Lace

Merchandise Shipping:Postal Delivery, Express, In Person


Service Zone:HK & Macao, China, Japan & Korea, North America, Latin America, Europe, Oceania, Nationwide